- Since 1994 -

Teaching students in a new & exciting way.

Who we are

A Traditional school who teaches student to become better individuals by the values of kindness and pragmatism

Why we are

We were formed by a community of remarkable individuals to teach students and share their wisdom of learning.

Where you are

You are wondering what makes this school special? From our out of the box thinking and love for each and every children who is learning here; We aim to achieve the overall personality development of your child.

How it starts

Interested? Call us on our contact number, mail us on our contact form or the best option come to our location and we will build a future of your child with a cup of tea.


Special Features

Extra-curricular Activities


Overall Development with Play Way Method

Audio Visual Lab

Direct Consultation with Principal

Middle School(I-V)

Special Features

Extra-curricular Activities


Sports Club/ Indoor and Outdoor

Dance, Yoga, Aerobics

School Library

Higher Secondary(VI-XII)

Special Features

Edu-Comp(Digital Classes)

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs

Education Excursions(Trips)

Career Counselling

Vocational Classes

School Fee Structure


Rs. 14,000
Admission Fees: Rs. 2,500
First Installment: Rs. 4000 July
Second Installment: Rs. 4500 Oct
Third Installment: Rs. 3500 Jan

Middle School

Rs. 20,000
Admission Fees: Rs. 3,500
First Installment: Rs. 5500 July
Second Installment: Rs. 5500 Oct
Third Installment: Rs. 5500 Jan

Higher Secondary

Rs. 25,000
Admission Fees: Rs. 3,500
First Installment: Rs. 7000 July
Second Installment: Rs. 7000 Oct
Third Installment: Rs. 7500 Jan

Note : Board Exam Registration & Examination fee will be charged.


Please note that the school does not provide any transportation on its own. However, transportation is arranged by the outside contractor,  if required.

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